10 Extreme Haunted Attractions That Take It Too Far!

10 Extreme Haunted Attractions That Take It Too Far!

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welcome to top10archive what makes a haunted attraction so extreme that answer may be subjective but the following locations go far beyond the requisite jump scares and ghosts and goblins animatronics these are the top 10 most extreme haunted attractions watch only if you dare number 10 Queen Mary dark Harbor Long Beach California a different kind of extreme than what’s expected this heart abour the historic Queen Mary is less physically interactive and offers more of a psychological mind game for guests who are courageous enough to explore areas of the ship that are otherwise closed to the public your journey is centered around real life past paranormal encounters and each apparition is modeled after a former guest from the Queen Mary’s long and sordid history with every twist and turn through the haunted depths of the ship visitors may walk away with a supernatural tale of their own something no manufactured haunt can provide number 9 scare house the basement etna Pennsylvania the basement of the scarehouse offers a more terrifyingly intimate experience for those Halloween attraction fans who are left wanting more after ordinary haunts what makes this 18 and older interactive walkthrough extreme visitors are subjected to being hooded physically restrained and teased with a fear of their choice if you’re squeamish about needles and other sharp objects this made me want to oi amplified by unique characters scarehouse the basement test the waters of extreme number eight alone an existential haunting City withheld California alone is an experiment in human emotion and really what can be more terrifying than facing our own feelings don’t be fooled by the hippie talk you’ll encounter on their Facebook page alone is another waiver requiring safety word carrying exploration of our most primal emotion fear required reservations allow Alone’s behind the scenes team to perform an invasive search of your digital footprint and past visitors described experiencing long periods of sitting in darkness puzzling imagery an aggressive physical contact that’s only matched by tinder encounters with some of the actors number seven sinister points trust challenge Brea California how much trust do you have in your significant other to keep you out of harm’s way sinister point is the ultimate trust exercise accept the welcoming arms you may fall backward into may be that of the Living Dead or a creepy clown you’re guided through blacked out quarters by a partner of your choice who is monitoring you via a control booth will you be navigated to safety or straight into the evil that lurks in the darkness only your partner knows number six the thirteenth gate Baton Rouge Louisiana the gate may seem like a tame haunted house that doesn’t particularly belong on a most extreme list clowns snake infested swamps were not spooked yet but this heart uniquely and seamlessly blends together at thirteen realms to create an ultimate nightmare experience for each visitor unsettling activities like crawling your way through an old Crematory oven and navigating pitch black underground tunnels paired with the Hollywood callipers special effects makeup team make this extreme haunt worthy what the thirteenth gate lacks in mental anguish it makes up for in physical exertion number five creep Los Angeles California newer to the la haunt scene creep has quickly proved to live up to its name relying heavily on its impressive actors to set the stage each room is created in a dreamlike sense to make the observer feel as an uneasy accessory to the scene unfolding before them while there is no continuing story throughout the journey you will embark on each room promises and delivers a new interactive experience there are no characters there are no costumes creep lives by the simple motto humans are far scarier than any monster number four freak lling Brothers trilogy of terror las vegas nevada launched in 2011 as the first r rated attraction in the state of nevada the gates of hell is probably the most extreme house of vegas terror trilogy waivers must be signed to enter and guests can expect to be touched by the actors of course by touching we mean dragged down long corridors and licked on the face and ears in case that’s not enough physical contact for you the victim experience is available for those adrenaline junkies seeking a simulated test psychological and emotional torture number three heretic horror house city withheld California heretic is less like a typical house staged haunt and more of a horror experience it completely immerses you into such frightening situations as an overnight stay in an isolated cabin you aren’t just a mere observer in heretic you become part of their story in order to take part of this disturbing journey potential victims must first become a member of this ultra secretive exclusive group 2015 introduced a single roomed adventure called Hanks where the only way to exit is to wake up number 2 blackout an inferno New York City and central system city this haunt quickly gained notoriety for its use of its safety word and insistence that only one person may enter at a time 2015 brought a new pop up attraction for West Coasters to enjoy located in San Francisco the fresh Inferno promises to deliver a to wasted journey similar to that of Dante Alighieri Odyssey through hell but maintaining the immersive sexual violent themes fans have come to expect from the unique haunt number 1 Mc. Camey Manor location held once billed as the haunt with a 24,000 person waiting list visits to this formerly San diego based Manor are strictly by reservation only with some tours lasting up to four hours this isn’t your average haunted house Mc. Camey guarantees a 100% interactive experience those who have been courageous or crazy enough to embark on one of these lengthy tours have been gagged with rotten food drenched in blood and tortured barely within the confines of the law with a new theme and location every year there is no telling what to expect have you been to any of these haunted attractions what other haunted attractions do you know about that you like do you have an idea for a future top 10 let us know in the comments section below and be sure to follow us on twitter facebook and our website top10archive dotnet and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and share it with all of your friends..

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  1. Ok, I may be old school here, but what the hell even happened to the original haunted attractions that just scared the hell out of you? I mean like you would walk in in groups, sometimes you would be guided room, to room etc. NO actors touched you, and they delivered a good scare, w/out all this need for more (in my opinion) extreme physical contact to go along w/it. I miss those day’s. But the one’s they have now are simply borderline sadistic, and illegal. I’ll stick w/older attraction’s. You crazy ppl enjoy these new ones that WILL leave you w/nightmares for DAY’S after the event. Keep that in mind!


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