Abraham Hicks – Relationship Advice For 2019 – Law Of Attraction

Abraham Hicks – Relationship Advice For 2019 – Law Of Attraction

Some lovely advice on relationships and love from Abraham Hicks that you can use for this year of 2019! Hope You enjoy the video and find it helpful! Keep the vibes high and much love!

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hi we are this the first conference that we’ve been to my wife and I have been listening to a lot of your teachings for a year or two years now we’ve been on kind of an ongoing spiritual journey basically since we’ve met we’ve been married for 15 years it seems sort of a theme that I’ve been feeling today has been a lot about relationships because everything is everything there’s no creation that is not co creation yeah when we first met it’s one of my favorite stories to tell us about how we met it was knowing what I know now it was really really vortex II like it was just we felt just I don’t know like it was we’re definitely on high flying discs for for quite a while it was it was very quick how we how we met first got together got married right away in and started our lives together but we’ve always had the sense that our purpose in life has always been really inextricably like connected to each other yeah and I think sometimes we struggle with conflict there you can feel how you’re really better together absolutely yeah yeah and so when we’re both in the vortex at the same time it’s just it’s amazing yeah and when one of us is and one of us is holding back then the other one has work to do yes usually me so well we’ll have a question for you so when you’re both in the receptive mode this goes along swimmingly when one or the other of you isn’t there not so good and are you saying that you’re usually the one who isn’t and does your wife point that out sometimes and she isn’t either because when you really are in alignment you’re not in somebody else’s business about whether they are or not that’s the thing about this co creating is that it’s lovely when you stand as examples when somebody’s looking at you and you’re tuned in tapped in turned on then you’re easy to look at and it’s beneficial but if that person is making you responsible to always be that way so that when I look at you then I get what I need from you then that’s conditional and that is trepidatious because to hold somebody else responsible for your connection to your intervene there’s no control at all in that you can only find control in your own relationship with your own inner being you have to let everybody else off the hook and be irrelevant to your alignment well that’s really difficult in a marriage relationship well you made your relationship with your mate more important than your relationship with your inner being dun dun dun and we see why you would do that because your mate is right there in all that physicality and your inner being is subtle you have to tune to your intervene where you can be in the room with somebody who’s in a bad mood and still be together but you can’t be with your inner being if you’re in a bad mood and so we get it why the physicality makes it feel may be more sought after but it’s not a very good choice we want to hear from you because we really want to hash this out in a way that you can figure out how you can feel good anyway it’s a sort of two edged sword when you say oh we found each other and oh we are so happy now that we found each other but oh sometimes we do things that bother each other would you rather be together and not be together Oh together but together and not bugging each other and we say just fanned the flames of the positive aspects of it and take your attention away from the other but most of all don’t let your relationship with anyone be more important than the satisfaction factor that you’re seeking by finding the point of view that your inner being fines maybe this will help do you know that you’re an extension of Source Energy yes and do you know that that means that everyone who’s non physical is potentially and usually looking forward with you so all of us are right in the middle of your business in the sense that we’re aware of who you are and what you’re asking for in any moment we know what you’ve asked for we know what’s in your vortex and we know where you are in relationship to it and we stand in complete anticipation of that oh it was story to tell you that we’ll make this point even better one day Esther and friends have been together in California for a few days Esther and her children and their children and friends and their children and they’d been having a wonderful few days together a lot of fun together and there were three children in the mix who are all not really steeped in this so much as aware that their parents are and them sort of doing it naturally and wishing their parents could do it better so now the party’s over everyone’s left except Esther and one friend and they’re having lunch one day and Esther is savoring the memory of these delicious times and she’s focused on these three kids who are so bright and so clear and so pure and so tuned into source energy and so fresh and do in their life and have so much before them so much is gonna unfold and she is saying I feel so fortunate that I get to watch these kids in their expansion in their coming to know things in their alignment and then they’re not alignment in their process and Esther’s friend said to her ooh that must be how our inner beans feel about us and then they sat there with goose bumps all over them and tears running down their face into the fish dinner they were eating Esther does not ever remember a more impactful statement and the reason that we want to give it to you is because we want you to feel how involved and interested and in love with you and yours and your life your inner beam is so with all of that coming forward into your moment in time if you could just first of all comprehend that that’s happening and often feel it so that you feel the magic of it and that’s what happened when the two of you met that’s what happened when you were falling in love with each other that’s what happened when you instantaneously fell in love with each other that’s why that love at first sight in other words you would put each other in your vortex and win for whatever reason you were in the receiving mode and you found each other you both knew it you both knew it in that emphatic way because everyone that is non physical knew it too and for whatever reason you were both in the receiving mode so you knew it too so you both got to feel what your inner being feels you see if we were standing in your physical shoes that would be our quest in our physical life I want to feel like my inner beam feels about this and about this and about listen about this and so maybe your wife’s in a bad mood don’t relate to her don’t empathize with that don’t try to get to the bottom of that don’t try to fix that because every second you spend trying to figure out what’s going on there is a second that you’ll spend losing your connection from what really matters and the less you’ll have to give to her and other way around that’s the best that we can say it how do I get there well I mean it’s obviously the other way around when it’s easy it’s easy what we want you to realize is what you’re about to tell us that we’ve cut you off from is that that’s a very conditional love in other words it’s easy when everything’s going good when you’re just observing the condition that’s going well and you’re feeling good because you’ve observed the condition that’s fine we get why you want to do that we want you to look for positive aspects we just don’t want you to be dependent on positive aspects because when you’re dependent upon things conditionally being good then you don’t have any room for a step one moment you don’t have any room for expansion you don’t have any way to fulfill your reason for being and you put unreasonable expectations on others and you let them put unreasonable expectations on you feel how good it would feel if you really really messed up on something and someone up close to you is just looking at you like as opposed to are you kidding me how many times have we talked about that you have to give yourself the break you see what we’re really grooming you all to because you can’t control how someone else behaves you can only control your response to their behavior and what you fear is if you don’t respond the way they want you to then it gets worse but we really want you to know that when you respond the way your inner being responds then it gets better it always gets better so we will let you ask your questions as detailed or as specific as you want and we will show you what we would do in those specific moments and what we would say the thing you have to understand is if you’re not ready to be ready to be ready you’re not ready to say it if you’ve awakened and you felt good and you’ve meditated and you’ve managed to get your sea legs and you’re all full of yourself and you’re feeling great it almost doesn’t matter how some else is feeling they’re not gonna get you but if you got up and you didn’t get yourself tuned in and they got up and they didn’t get themselves tuned in then there’s a very strong probability that neither one of you is gonna be there in that resourceful place so you started to ask the question so what do I do when I feel like I get in my way when you said I need to give myself a break it seems that that sort of rang true to me a little bit as I need to that inner conflict that you spoke about earlier is there for me and I need to we’re gonna ask you some very straightforward questions do you care more about what your wife thinks about you or about your own satisfaction factor because if she’s like most women she’s trained you to know the answer to that but I am very concerned with how she feels and not knowing house what she thinks of me but I want her to be happy right but we can’t ask you a question about how she feels because you can’t know that is oh well how about this would you rather that she cares more about pleasing you or being in sync with who she really didn’t sync of who she really is well no you answered that easily but do you really mean it Jerry used to say the Aster you know you do too much for too many people it’s alright when you do it for me but you do too much too many other people and they would both laugh but they both knew he meant it it’s easy to please each other but there’s another factor that most humans haven’t been considering and it goes like this if you’re not tuned in you really are not be gonna be that pleasing anyway so now what’s your question the question is more about the inner conflict me getting in my own way yes in universal law terms what might you do to get in your own way I get in a positive way overthink e I overthink and so let’s have this discussion so can you get the idea grasp the idea of the difference between a thought that you’re thinking and a thought that you’re receiving oh yeah so if you’re in the receiving mode and receiving a thought it’s gonna feel good if you’re thinking a thought it might feel good and it might not but it’s a clue so would that help you when you’re thinking the thought that doesn’t feel good could you abort the thought right away before it gets too much momentum or are you not aware that it’s coming until it’s so big you can’t let go of it oh there’s definitely a little bit of unawareness because I would like to as soon as I am aware I’d like to know oh that’s not a thought I want to have let’s start thinking about happiness as far as the laws of the universe goes that seems like a reasonable thing to do so what keeps you from being able to do that easily the thought got too much momentum going before you were aware of mm hmm or you’re not picky enough about the way you feel you’re willing to put up with thoughts that don’t feel that good so you don’t notice them until they really don’t feel good it’s like if you’re just bleeding a little just wipe it on something but if you have a gushing wound it’s prudent to do something more dramatic about it yes so the same sort of thing it’s about the momentum we know that you are and we are because you are we’re exaggerating this bigger than your relationship is asking for but you’re fine tuning once you’ve tasted the sweetness of alignment you can hardly stand anything less than that and the thing that happens and we could really feel it when you first began speaking to us in the earliest days of your relationship that sweetness was so sublime and it’s still lurking in your memory is that consistent way that you felt and you want to maintain that and you can you want to get that back it’s the consistency of it because everybody can feel good every now and again in other words everybody can find thoughts that feel better so let’s go back to the essence of what’s going on here which is feeling the difference between a thought that you’re thinking and a thought that you’re receiving so I thought that you’re receiving so you’ve awakened you feel pretty good then you meditated you quiet your mind and now you’re in the receiving mode and now those thoughts are starting to flow and as those thoughts flow they feel satisfying to you they’re usually positive thoughts about others it’s positive thoughts about yourself it’s things about things that you might want to do something about in other words it often inspires you to an action right away where the thoughts that you think are usually things like your to do list they’re usually things that I should be doing or things that I should have done or things that if I don’t do something negative will happen ..

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