Boost Your Self-Esteem Beyond Belief With The Law Of Attraction

Boost Your Self-Esteem Beyond Belief With The Law Of Attraction

Boost your self-esteem beyond belief. Attraction and manifestation are entangled with your confidence. Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach, Robert Zink for this inspirational Law of Attraction podcast. Discover how you can raise your self-esteem and attract your goals and dream fast. Learn that you have the power to manifest anything you desire. You are an amazing person with amazing skills to co-create the world you want. You can have it all. Use the Law of Attraction to boost your confidence and attract more money, more love, and more health.

If you’re new (or just getting started) appling the LoA in your life make sure you’ve got a good foundation. You can download the free audiobook and see the real world application on the Law of Attraction which will help you apply it to your own life.

1. You have nothing to prove to anyone

2. Develop powerful affirmations

a. I am unique

b. I am love

c. I am relaxed & comfortable in any environment

3. Connect more with people you love

5. Never compare yourself

6. Exercise eat clean

7. Connect to source energy

8. Remember you are not your circumstances

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boost your self esteem beyond belief hi there everyone Robert zinc air miracle mentor an alchemy life coach and today we are soaring high like a big beautiful eagle flying in the direction of your dreams and your goals we’re talking about self confidence today we’re focusing on your self esteem you know when your self esteem is low it’s like you can’t do anything it’s like nothing works for you but when your self esteem is strong and powerful and your energy field is blasting in every direction it’s like nothing goes wrong you have the Midas touch you can turn anything into gold you have the incredible power to have and enjoy the money you desire the love you crave and the health that you depend upon you have no boundaries you have no limits there is nothing stopping you except low self esteem or lack of confidence okay perhaps you’ve been slapped around a little bit and maybe your self esteem is waning a little bit I’m going to share with you eight eight techniques secrets if you will that will help you absolutely help you boost your self confidence and boost your self esteem beyond belief number one high fliers listen to me please pause for a moment you have nothing to prove to anyone absolutely nothing nada this is your time you are here to experience life on your path your journey this is your journey so there’s nothing to prove to anyone and the body you have the mind you have these are all decisions that were made before you were born you have no control over that you all can I say it I’m gonna say it listen to me now this is this is a little bit cutting edge for some people it goes against the grain it’s a new belief you are perfect okay maybe you’re five pounds overweight maybe you don’t have as much hair as you’d like maybe you’re not quite as tall as you’d like that doesn’t make you any less perfect the universe doesn’t create anything that isn’t perfect everything in the universe is absolutely perfect say it right now I am perfect and the things that you want to modify or change take action and change them and the things that you don’t want to modify or perhaps you feel you can’t such as your height hey there it is I’m perfect I’m perfect at six foot nine I’m perfect at five foot three either way I’m absolutely perfect there are so many people that they’re suffering from this imperfection Dizzy’s almost in our society I’ve got to change my hair color every day I’ve got to do this I’ve got to do that and that’s okay that’s fun and you have that power but understand underneath it all you’re perfect look nobody likes buying clothing and jewelry like I do I love new clothing new jewelry but I understand that the clothing does not make me perfect the universe has made me perfect say it again I am perfect secondly I think it’s important if you want to really boost your self esteem to its highest level to have powerful confidence building affirmations that you can use all the time every day I am unique I don’t want to be like everyone else I want to be unique I am loved I’m not just loved I am loved love flows through me love flows around me love comes to me I give love out I am loved I’ll say that doesn’t that feel good I am loved it just feels so wonderful your vibration you could just feel it it’s it’s you I hate to use this word it’s yummy it feels good I am relaxed and comfortable in any environment I am relaxed and comfortable in any environment okay I’m going in to see the big guy you know the guy that started the company I’m relaxed of cabal in any environment I’m going on my first date with this woman I I didn’t think I’d have a chance I’m relaxed and comfortable in any environment number three on my list for boosting your self esteem and your personal confidence beyond belief is connect more with people that you love when you are around people that you love people that are non judgmental people that are happy for your success it’s good energy it’s perfect it’s the kind of atmosphere and environment you want to surround yourself with as often as you possibly can it strengthens your confidence and your self esteem number four is reinvent yourself you know sometimes we need to do this sometimes we need to sit down and reinvent ourselves and that’s okay you know I have reinvented myself several times in my life you know one time and this was many years ago by the way I was talking with a fellow businessman and he said how many lifetimes if you lived Robert and that was 20 years ago he said that so I’m constantly looking for ways to reinvent myself to improve myself to take myself to my highest potential never compare yourself with others number five I mean that’s just a given there’s no benefit there’s no payoff in comparing yourself with others now you can look at others and say oh they’re doing it this way I’m going to emulate that because I didn’t say copy I said emulate because it’s working and I want it to work for me as well and every great actor can tell you of a great actor that inspired them every great writer can tell you of a great writer that inspired them every great artist can tell you of a great artist that inspired them but they don’t compare themselves they understand that this is their journey this is their path this is solo solo their life and they’re living it and they’re learning where they can from other people but they refuse to compare and as a result they have powerful self confidence and wonderful self esteem next is exercise and eat clean eat as clean as you possibly can a plant based diet is essential I’m not going to push veganism on you or anything else but a plant based diet and if you’re going to eat meat eat clean meat ok don’t eat something that has hormones in it and everything else number seven I I don’t know if anything is more important than this connect with Source Energy whatever you believe the creator of the universe is it is within you as well and so by quieting your spirit your interior spirit taking that deep breath in through the nose out through the mouth and just centering yourself connecting with source when you feel source energy pouring through you and around you your confidence is high as it can possibly get your self esteem is overflowing because you have the very source of creation and life pouring in through you and you’re connected with it and I would say number eight this is this is really important for some of you some of you may be going through some tough times you may be struggling financially you could be going through a breakup right now you may be having health issues remember you are not your circumstances you are not your circumstances you are an eternal beam having a physical experience you are perfect from the beginning you will be perfect in the end you are not your circumstances you are a human becoming constantly evolving constantly changing constantly growing you are absolutely beautiful the way you are thank you so much for subscribing to our channel have a wonderful day because you absolutely deserve it bye bye now..

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  1. If we keep saying thank you for your help and your great soul till the end of life we won’t be fair.. that’s so motivational and extremely helpful by the way I did the total lunar eclipse mediation you talked about yesterday it was amazing thanks again!! Much love from Tunisia


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