Get Someone To Fall In Love With You Using The Law Of Attraction

Get Someone To Fall In Love With You Using The Law Of Attraction

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how to make someone fall in love with you with the law of attraction broadcasting daily around the world whose ancient wisdom I’m cutting edge 6/10 are nothing less time this is law of attractions secret join miracle mentor and alchemy life coach Robert think prepare to be empowered live the life you desire attract the success you deserve experience love a better relationship abundant act prosperity now here is your mentor of life Robert shake hello everybody good morning good afternoon good evening whatever time you are listening to this special law of attraction podcast I am your miracle mentor your mentor of light Robert zink thrilled and delighted to be bringing you this daily podcast and we are here in the bunker today along with Rachel and Julian max is on vacation we’re excited to be bringing you this podcast because I think it’s just so important I think that okay my priorities is that love Trump’s money and I didn’t use the Trump word on purpose by the way but love is more important than money and I think that you need to understand that and that when you have love when you have a loving relationship when you have a partner that works with you and you work with that partner Wow unstoppable you become unstoppable you become 10 times more powerful than you are on your own and you can create wonderful exciting things in your life and that’s great so attracting and manifesting a lover into your life is so important and I want to say this to some of you I get letters all the time can I attract my ex back yes why not you loved each other once you can love each other again even deeper and other people will ask well can I attract somebody I’ve never talked to before but I’ve seen yes but you need to know that person before you choose to fall in love falling in love is not just about seeing somebody across the room and thinking they’re attractive that that may be part of it but it is a very superficial part of it so let’s talk about some ways that you can attract love into your life raise your vibration clear away limiting beliefs I’m not good enough I’m overweight I’m too old I’m too bald you know can you imagine if Vin Diesel said I can’t meet any anybody because I’m too bald I mean think about it can you imagine the rock saying well I can’t meet anybody because I’m too muscle bound and I’m also too bald I’m muscle bound and bald these are limiting beliefs you know can you imagine Bruce Willis saying I can’t meet anybody because I’m too old let’s see what I’m saying those are those are ridiculous beliefs there are all kinds of people together with people they love and on the outside you have wow these people just don’t match how that ever happened I had a boss that I worked for I didn’t work for him long maybe six months nice guy his wife was probably 511 and very slender and had a professional modeling career he on the other hand was about 450 pounds and was about maybe five eight five nine on the outset you would think wow these people do not belong together but guess what guess what they were always clutching they were always holding each other they were always kissing each other on the cheek and being lovey dovey and to my knowledge from what I hear that was many many years ago so well over 25 years ago they’re still together today they’re still happy they’re still living a Wonderful Life the reason is is that they didn’t have any limiting beliefs nobody told him they couldn’t be in love nobody told them they couldn’t have an incredible relationship nobody told my boss back then who was 450 pounds or so that he was overweight and couldn’t find a beautiful attractive woman so when you raise your vibration you become a magnet you don’t have to go chasing people and calling them and sending them letters and happy birthday notes and all kinds of stuff to try to get their attention you’ll get their intention through your vibration your vibration will attract them to you and they’re gonna fall in love because look we get attracted maybe on the physical or the intellectual but eventually even that fades away real true attraction takes place on a vibrational level people that fall in love oftentimes will say well you know I really didn’t find her that attractive in the beginning or I didn’t find him all that good looking but it did make any difference because they fell in love on a vibrational level clear away limiting beliefs because fears and doubts fears and doubts lower your vibration and make you ugly and make you unattractive and make you someone that is repelling and that’s not how you attract new love into your life now when you have negative thoughts when you have doubts when you have fears I want you to write them down and then I want you to challenge them challenge them out loud this isn’t true because and as you start to challenge your doubts and your fears and your anxiety and your limiting beliefs guess what they’ll change they’ll start to morph and you’ll have new resourceful beliefs and you will begin to start truly raising your vibration I am Robert zinc your miracle mentor your mentor of life and I want to remind you to claim your 30 minutes of miracle mentoring and alchemy life coaching you know it’s simple you just go to our website and sign up but look at if you are going through something or you have a story to tell me that would entice me to call you sooner then I invite you to write your story because that’s so important we have tons of people write e. NOS every day and we try to get to all of them we will try to get to you but if you want us to get to you quicker be certain and write a story about what’s going on in your life we like to read those anyway it helps us understand who we’re talking to okay law of attraction solutions. com also want to remind you to subscribe to us on i. Tunes on Blog. Talk. Radio on stitcher and yes be sure to go over to and subscribe to us there as well well we’re talking about bringing love into your life attracting love into your life through the law of attraction the next important thing we talked about raising your vibration the next important thing is have clear intentions of the qualities that you desire to attract if you don’t have clear intentions in the beginning then oftentimes you get with somebody who you know initially is attractive maybe there’s some chemistry there and the two of you kind of hit it off but after you get to know the person for a while you go wow this is a bummer I’ve wasted a lot of time on this and it’s not going anywhere so I like to have clear intentions right amount I intend to attract a loving dynamic committed relationship with the following type of person and write down the kind of person they are physically mentally emotionally psycho psychologically for sure you know and financially write down whether you want a person that is driven or whether you want a person that’s laid back whether you want a person that is a go getter or whether you want a person that is just happy with the job and spending time with the family you know all of those kinds of things the more definition you put to the kind of person you want in your life your intention well the easier it will be for the universe and the infinite feel the potential to attract for you that’s special someone okay build a wide field of interest in you know one of the ways you can do this nowadays besides all the different groups on Facebook and places like that is through meetup groups and okay maybe you’ve never been into stamp collecting before but maybe it’s something you might want to learn about so go to some stamp collecting meetings go to some hiking meetings there are meetup groups for going to movies or wine tasting here’s the thing about it as you broaden your ability because okay relationships are about establishing rapport this is very important without rapport there is no relationship so the more rapport you have the better I’ll give you an example Rachel and I watch a little bit of baseball every evening I’ve got that special package on the on the cable right now she was never a baseball fan before we met but she’s learning to enjoy it and she asks me questions about it so that we can talk about the game together in an intelligent manner I’m in the same token I try to do the same thing with her interest in flowers and animals in nature so you know that’s how you build rapport and why would you want to stop learning why would you want to say well I’m 30 years of age I’ve learned it all come on the more you learn the more rapport you can build not just with a future lover but with everyone it’s wonderful next I think it’s important in a relationship especially nowadays to keep a sense of mystery you know think about it if you’ve ever celebrated Christmas or a birthday and you’ve had presents like in Christmas time well we may have presents sitting under the tree from December 10th all the way to Christmas and those presents you know they’re shiny they’re gold they’re red they’re green they’re pretty and those presents are sitting under the tree and there is a huge amount of anticipation there’s a huge amount of mystery here’s the thing there’s a certain amount of mystery to it I want you to think of yourself as a beautiful package with a diamond inside you are a diamond okay you’re a beautiful package and if the relationship opens up and fires up physically and emotionally too fast it’s it takes away the mystery it’s like okay I looked under the tree today guess what there were presents but they weren’t wrapped I know what I’m getting so so you want to have a little bit mystery both men and women love mystery they really do so putting a little mystery in the relationship slowing things down pulled him back a little bit from time to time giving time for the energy to settle and solidify so that you truly are at the next level because often times people they feel that they’re at the next level but their partner is not at the next level you want to make certain your partner’s with you that he or she is at the next level as well and that’s why I say put a little mystery slow things down take it slow and slowly slowly ask for little commitments that grow into bigger commitments does it make sense okay build self confidence they have done all kinds of psychological research on this and an neuroscientists sociologists psychologists they’ve all done it and guess what the number one aphrodisiac is self confidence there’s something very attractive about a woman who is self confident there’s something very attractive about a man who is self confident and so developing exercises and affirmations and visualization that build your self confidence is absolutely crucial I would put a lot of energy and my self confidence work you know I think it’s so important if I was out to attract somebody a new love in my life where the law of attraction self confidence would be the first place along with raising my vibration that I mean it just goes with that and if you have problems with self confidence I urge you to claim your thirty minutes a miracle mentoring and alchemy life coaching because that is a game changer it really is if you don’t have the confidence you need it’s very very difficult there is one difference between peak performers and those who just settle for seconds thirds or worse this one difference is the edge between those who attract the life they desire and those who struggle and never seem to obtain what they desire the difference is confidence now you can unlock the door to a life of confidence power and magnetism you can obtain a promotion talk to anyone anywhere make more money be a compelling public speaker meet and attract to the opposite sex build your own company enjoy the popularity you deserve visit www. ovionmedia. com or Lucian’s calm and download your copy of the first new audio program release of 2016 from Robert Zink empower yourself with a life changing program building confidence personal power and magnetism by Robert Zink in this program you will experience 24 confidence building techniques the miracle hypnotic confidence accelerator and the 2 minute daily confidence claiming exercise get your instantly downloadable copy of the audio program building confidence personal power and magnetism now at www. movinon. com it will change your life focus on being attractive both inside and outside what are the qualities of an attractive person write them down what are the qualities what are the qualities you are looking for in a mate what are the attractive qualities inside their their emotional quality what are they the very qualities you are looking for are the qualities that you want to develop in yourself if every time there’s a disagreement you’re yelling and screaming and breaking plates but you are on the other hand wanting to attract a nice calm and relaxing mate it isn’t going to work because if you do attract a nice calm relaxing mate he or she will be gone very very quickly when she sees or experiences that kind of behavior so what kind get me maybe you want to attract a passionate role on the floor pull each other’s hair kind of relationship but that’s okay but you have to know what it is you want to attract and you have to be attractive at it both on the inside and the outside in other words are you doing little things like trimming your nails you know getting a pet here getting a facial getting a haircut and I had one I had a friend of mine years ago said well we rabbit I just want a woman that’s gonna fall in love with me for who I am well who are you you can equally be the same guy with short toenails as you can with long toenails you can equally be the guy with good breath rather than bad breath I mean you’re the same person you’re just groomed you’re more attractive so groom yourself on the inside and the outside remember birds of a feather flock together or in the law of attraction we say likes attract likes you want to attract somebody with a beachbody you better get a beachbody going yourself it’s just that simple okay I’m not saying it’s impossible otherwise you know if your confidence is strong enough it certainly isn’t impossible but likes tend to attract likes okay and that’s why you’re here I believe that you came across this podcast for a reason it’s not by accident that you’re listening I hope you’ll listen to our other podcasts by subscribing and I’ll hope you’ll visit our website at Law of Attraction solutions and whatever you do join us on because we’re putting together some videos as well gonna be fun it’s great okay law of attraction solutions on hey we are out of time I’m excited for you attracting the love of your life into your life with positive uplifting high vibrational energy have a great day now because you deserve it bye bye you..

If you’re new (or just getting started) appling the LoA in your life make sure you’ve got a good foundation. You can download the free audiobook and see the real world application on the Law of Attraction which will help you apply it to your own life.

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  1. So this was posted on my birthday. To me that means something…that I should keep working and believing for my specific love. he is long distance, a state a way can I still attract him?

  2. Great content Robert, I’m a newcomer to your channel, if you don’t mind some constructive advice, you should really change the music and the female speaker in the beginning of the introduction it is so annoying. You should have some really cool new age music that that would resonate with the content of your video. Just saying

  3. Wiktoria wouldn’t ever fall in love with me, because of my age and because we wouldn’t fit together.

    This isn’t true, because age doesn’t matter for love and I am already treated so young by everyone, no one cares about my real age anymore! And there is nothing that wouldn’t fit together for us, actually we are more than a PERFECT fit, more than anyone else! It’s just other people’s limited beliefs and points of view, not understanding that EVERYTHING is possible!

  4. Mr Robert ! Vibration could mean spiritual level ?? Cause that happened to me . I can’t stop thinking of this person cause and he also but it’s very hard for him to admit his feelings . I believe is what you saying , something between energies .


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