How The Law Of Attraction Works To Manifest More Money, Success, Love & Happiness

How The Law Of Attraction Works To Manifest More Money, Success, Love & Happiness

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what’s up everybody its Matt comma and in this video what I want to share with you is the law of attraction explains simply so if you’re just the beginner or maybe you have some awareness around the law of attraction but you want some practical tools or a deeper understanding about how this actually works I’m gonna be breaking down so simply for you how this actually works so sit back relax get a pen and paper out because you might want to write some of this stuff down that’s really gonna help you attract something new into your life maybe for you you want more money or a better career or bought better people or maybe just want to attract different circumstances and event into your lab but it’s gonna support you on your journey with wherever you’re going so here’s how this works I’m gonna be breaking down for you the path of manifestation right so if you want to create a new results you need to be thinking about what the process actually is in order for you to attract something different or for you to achieve something different as it is how it works this is a path through this is the path to manifestation let me get my black pen actually because then that’s gonna be inconsistent text it here so all of you you’re probably watching this video because you want something different here and that is a difference you want different results so maybe for you it’s a different body type or a different level weight loss or something like that or you want to increase muscle or maybe if you it’s more money or maybe for you it’s a better career maybe it’s a bigger house a better a better car you want something different than what you have right now that’s pretty clear but what you want to think about is how this actually is created because this is in the external world and what you need to realize is that it is your internal world that creates your external world it is what’s invisible that creates what’s visible if you think about a tree let’s say we have an apple tree right what creates the fruits is the roots it is what’s under the ground that creates what’s above the ground it’s same thing with this if you’re trying to change your fruits the results you need to be thinking about and it is first created by these two things hit it and that is number one it’s first created by yours your thoughts right now we have thoughts that are with our conscious minds which makes up 8% of our actual minds and then we have our subconscious mind which makes up 88% of our of our minds so the subconscious is all about things that you’re not aware of so at any given time we are processing billions of pieces of information every single second but then we have our conscious mind which is only aware of a few things because if we were aware of every single thing at any given moment imagine how overwhelmed we’ll actually be if we were conscious of the billions of pieces of information around us at every given second so we narrow it down into this tunnel vision of a few things at a time right and maybe right now you’re conscious of my words you’re conscious of what I’m wearing you’re conscious of the meaning behind the words and so on right but you’re not aware of every other thing like the sound in the background that you’re currently probably I paying attention to right now or the amount of time that you’re blinking as you’re watching this video until I actually brought it in your your conscious awareness now but before that it was in the subconscious mind you get it so here’s what happens now your thoughts determines your your feelings right so your feelings is more about the vibrational frequency that you’re emitting out again if you don’t know what that means yet stay with me because I’m gonna be breaking all that down because there’s a little jog and a lot of spiritual guru saying let the vibrational frequency I’ll break that down in a seconds right so your feelings your emotional states that you’re feeling internally but also the vibrational frequency that you’re emitting out based upon the emotional state that you’re in okay so your thoughts he tells your feelings and your feelings determine your your actions it’s determining your actions whether you do something or whether you don’t do something it’s affecting your decisions how many you notice that when you’re in a negative emotional state you do things differently and compared to when you’re in any an empowering emotional states right so this is the path to manifestation if you were changed this and this the external world you must have burst change these two things here but also one thing at all and on to this is also what you attract your thoughts and feelings determines how you act but also what you will tracked into your life which I’ll be showing you exactly how that works in a second so stay with me now this is a little retraction right here those are the terms feelings feels to tomans actions or what you attract and what you attract or how you act determines the results that you get more money or less money a great relationship or a relationship heartbreak or a heart full of love but then you need to think about this question what determines the thoughts that you think what it leads down to the results that you get because most of us want to change the results right the problem we all want to we want to change the problems that we have we need to think about that if you don’t focus on the problem make up this right here then you’re gonna keep attracting what you’re getting right now you can try to change your external world by making you decisions by by by using willpower to do something but if you don’t focus on the problem maker the move the the vibrational frequency that you’re emitting out Newmont will keep attracting the same things circumstances people and events based upon the vibrational frequency that you’re emitting out based upon the thoughts that you’re thinking either consciously or subconsciously what creates the thoughts that you think is this thing right here and that is your your input input is based upon what you’re doing right now but if you think about all the input that you’ve had in the past when you’re growing up until this very moment another word for that could be conditioning or you’ve constantly been conditioned by from outside influences parents of big one right in this tree there’s three ways that we are conditioned and there’s three ways that we are inputting certain things into our subconscious this is connected to this this is connected to this which connects to your thoughts so three ways that we are conditions or three ways that we have input into our subconscious minds number one is visual programming so this is all about what you see growing up so for example maybe if you saw in your Ella in your in your household everybody around you eating unhealthy and what’s going to happen that’s gonna have a huge influence based upon the subconscious beliefs that you have around food around your self image if you saw a destructive relationship with your parents or just with people around you best friends and so on right you’re going to create disempowering beliefs based upon what you were seeing in your environments you get that so maybe you have believes that love doesn’t love us the relationships are hard and you only believe that because that’s what you were being programmed conditions growing up that’s all that’s everything that you’ve been seeing that’s number one number two is verbal programming this is all about what you hear growing up right so for example in the in the context of money finish your sentence money is the root of all evil right oh it’s another one money doesn’t grow on trees now why most of you who thought of this why was some of you able to fill in the blank the reason is because of what you have heard growing up most of us have been taught that money isn’t grow on trees or money is the root of all evil and let me ask you a question if you thoughts having a blue jacket was evil would you have one no why it’s the same thing with money if you believe that money is the root of all evil it’s you’re gonna have a very hard time to attract that in if you are believing something is evil or money isn’t importance if you don’t believe having clothes is important you’re gonna walk around naked based upon the emotional states that you have based upon the belief system that you have if you don’t believe money is important you will not attract that you will maybe get that but you won’t keep it you’ll find a way to self sabotage to conform to what you believe so that’s the second thing the programming and number three is specific incidents most specifically the experiences that you have growing up so maybe going back to relationships maybe you’re cheated on so now that you believe that men objects or having my heart open means that I’m vulnerable to getting hurts which is true but also a thing about this when you close yourself off from bad people to get in you also close yourself off from the good people to get in and what’s interesting is based on the law of attraction that lack attracts lack you’re going to attract somebody who is at the same vibrational frequency as you so you’re also going to attract somebody who has their heart closed and now you have this surface based relationship that is all based on the head and not any hard because you have closed this off the saying that birds of the same feather flock together lack attracts lack you will attract somebody who is at the same vibrational frequency as you based upon these subconscious beliefs that you have based upon the program’s you input are you constantly doing from growing up but also what you were doing right now so my question to you is if you are unhappy with the results that you were getting what is your inputs what are the series that you will implanting into your subconscious mind now and then there’s a process on the show you some practical tools to give you awareness to the input that you’ve had as a child or growing up so you can change that because the very first set to change is awareness so now that you get all of this that lack attracts lack that by that moba traction states that lack a trek slack that you will attract somebody or circumstances events or people based upon the same frequency that you are at so here’s one or two thing by now let me give you a visual example of the vibrational frequency so think of it like this we all have five senses what we see feel hear smell it tastes now as our visual sense can’t really pick up on sudden sort of things such as the vibrational frequency that are emitting out which is a what which is what I believe why a lot of people don’t really believe in the law of attraction because you know they need to see it to believe it but there are so many things that our auditory sense can’t pick up certain frequencies of a dog whistle when it gets to a certain frequency we our auditory sense can’t that up but dogs can so doesn’t it mean that there must be certain frequencies and vibrations that we can’t visually see through the human experience but what happens is if you think of it like this let’s say that we have two emotional states it just to generalize everything lack and abundance and let’s say these emotional space have a certain frequency that we can see and that has the red little circles over here and the abundance state has it’s like little shop up and down motion so think of it like this if you are feeling lack you’re going to attract certain people circumstances or events that are aligning the vibrational frequency that you’re emitting out so let’s say these three things love money and people let’s say that the people who are in LAC they are they are emitting out the same frequency as it you’re feeling now now what’s going to happen is it’s going to be like a magnet you’re going to attract this person into your life because you are emitting the same vibrational frequency the red little jagged the red little circles and the red little circles here and then you’re going to attract another person that who’s going to be in a relationship that is going to align with what you are feeling internally through your subconscious beliefs so you’re going to attract somebody who is going to perform to your belief that men are jacks because that’s what you think about that’s the emotion that you’re feeling internally so on a subconscious level so you’re going to attract that jerk who’s going to conform to what you believe but was going to align with what you believe get it and then make money if you believe that money is the root of all evil or money doesn’t grow on trees or money is hard to make well the universe just says yes and that’s a key thing the universe is always just saying yes I have no money yes okay cool let me send you no more money money is hard to make yes okay well let’s let’s I want to give you circumstances people and events that are going to that are going to conform to what you were saying and to what you will believe in because the universe doesn’t le has one language it’s not it’s not it’s not responding to the words that you speak but it’s responding to the oceans that you are emitting out so you can say that money doesn’t grow on trees or money is hard to make you could say that with your mouth but if you are feeling that on a subconscious level then what you’re going to attract is that emotions that you are feeling so what are your thoughts me okay universes goes ahead called prayer well honest I’m gonna make it hard for you to make but if you change the emotional frequency that you’re emitting out through thinking different thoughts to reprogramming your subconscious mind through changing the input that you’re constituting in every single day you were going to vibrate at a different level and you’re going to attract different things into your life now the real question now becomes well man that’s cool theory but how do I actually do this there are so many different ways if you want to decide to feel abundance one thing is awareness and it’s sometimes it’s it’s easy through questions I like to I like to use so you cannot just off certain questions relationships are what if you’re if you’re if you’re trying to attract either the same sex or a different sex into your life and you go men are what first thing that comes to mind because what happens is when you become aware but first thing that comes into your mind that’s coming up for the subconscious but if you keep it humble it’s time if you give you some time to think then usually what happens is we start to filter we start to like rationalize the answer so men are what women are what relationships are what money is what become aware of that that’s through your subjective experience but also it’s really important to get it coached so you can get an objective objective feedback where that person can become aware of your language or it can become aware or can ask you different questions that really gives you answers that that person can give you awareness of then that way then your your coach can give you feedback whether that’s with some other different codes whether that’s with me you do want to get coaching there’s a link down below to that but if not that’s totally cool also one thing that has really helped me is the through that is because your food affects your mood if you’re eating processed foods coke drinking coca cola jerk an alcohol constant drinking all of these foods that don’t make you feel good then come to happen is because you don’t feel good you’re going to attract certain things that’s going to align with how you’re feeling but he changed your food you change your mood and you’re new to this channel I have a health and fitness channel where I have a ton of different videos about health and fitness which I’ll leave down below as well another one is exercise because new thing about the word emotion emotion is just energy in motion how you move determines how you feel how you were sitting right now is determining how you’re feeling so if you’re not exercising I like to exercise in the morning because it sets a tone for my day it will really start to change what you were tracking in but that’s kind of like surface level stuff like just changing just changing your any how you’re eating can may be moving but what we really want to get into is this letting any pass condition to come up through questions that you ask sup or objective feedback through a coach all what you can do is you can just start to reprogram it and not even become aware of it think of it like this let’s say I have a glass that’s just full of mud and the mud represents the disempowering beliefs that you have that is attracting disempowering circumstances into your life or what happens if I get a hose and I just start to put it into the into the glass what’s going to happen that mud is still going to be there because of all that past conditioning but through oh but over time what’s gonna happen but have that hose there for long enough all that money is going to come out and then soon it’s just going to be water and the water represents the empowering beliefs so what you can do is change your input change what you were seeing every day are you watching the Kardashians which I don’t really know anything about them I don’t really but it’s you’re gonna have a total different experience totally from paradigm if you’re constantly putting different visual experiences in such as what’s of watching parts of development videos but also what are you hearing every single day when you go for walks and when you exercise what is the music that you listening are you listening to depressing music or you listen to empowering music why are you listening to personal development audios also one other thing before I end this video one thing that has helped me so much with this becoming aware of everything that’s in my subconscious is meditation sitting in Suns breathing watching the thoughts just go by not attaching to them but just becoming aware of them has really helped me become aware of the stories that was stored into my subconscious that old limiting beliefs that will store into my subconscious not listening to my new roommates not listening to some music but just sitting for 20 minutes 30 minutes or an hour and just letting anything that comes up to come up so really look that this view helped you out get a basic understanding of all if you do want someone objective feedback with through coaching then you can join my alignment program which I’ll leave down below and you can get some other ideas about how it works and if you want to apply then apply if not totally cool we’ve got this video to really help you start the process of attracting different things to get a different results so I really hope that this video helped you out leave a comment down below and let me know what you thought share this if you thought that this if someone else is going to resonate or needs to hear this message and until I see you in the next video remember to love all living things and most importantly love myself ..

If you’re new (or just getting started) appling the LoA in your life make sure you’ve got a good foundation. You can download the free audiobook and see the real world application on the Law of Attraction which will help you apply it to your own life.

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  1. When Matt said “money is the root of all evil” I was thinking “happiness” – lol
    (Btw u look really good in that blue) 🙂

  2. This was very eye-opening. Of course I’ve heard of the Law of Attraction before, but it was always very abstract and I never understood how to actually use it in my daily life.
    Your video was more practical and precise.
    Thank you

  3. You cut right to the core of the problems! Childhood trauma, much not remembered has created so many behaviors I use to protect myself and to not live to my potential. Continued weight gain = no BF. Continued focus on food = not focus on business. No wonder I’m alone. It’s the attitude and energy!
    Thank you Matt


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