Manifestation #60: Attract Specific Person With Law Of Attraction | Love & Soulmate | Suyash

Manifestation #60: Attract Specific Person With Law Of Attraction | Love & Soulmate | Suyash


Subscribe and press the bell icon to never a Mind. Body. Spirit video. Hello everybody. My name is Suyash. You are watching Mind. Body. Spirit. Before going to the main content of the video I’m very happy to share with you about a giveaway. Now I keep receiving messages from you guys on Instagram, on comments down here, or on my Facebook page, that you want to talk to me and you want me to respond to your messages.

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And so let’s carry on with the video. Welcome to another episode of the law of attraction success stories series. Watch at least one video of this series everyday and you will notice a huge impact in how happy and cheerful you feel, how much faith and belief you have in the law of attraction, and as a result, with how much speed and certainty you manifest all your intentions with the law of attraction. And once you are done watching this video, watch a few more videos of this series. I will leave a link to a playlist containing all the videos of this series down below in the description, and also at the end of this video in the end screen. So after this video watch a few more videos of this series, and you’ll be really able to observe how your perception of the world, how the world functions, how powerful your thoughts are, all of those thoughts, all of those perceptions within you are changing and you will be able to manifest your intentions much faster.

Today’s story is extremely inspiring, do watch this video till the end, and let’s get started. So today’s story has been sent to me by Shweta and Shweta has actually emailed it to me, and I have named the story “Attracting a Specific Person”. And Shweta writes: Dear Suyash, Your your videos are very helpful. Thank you for posting them regularly. I just love the way you teach about law of attraction and I watch success story videos as soon as you post them. Thank you Shweta.

And then Shweta continues: My mom taught me about law of attraction. I don’t think she ever mentioned this name “law of attraction” but what she taught me and my elder brother is exactly this when you truly want something, close your eyes and imagine that you have already received it. So both I and my brother have grown up using law of attraction as if it’s something that everyone uses! It was when I grew up then I realised that everyone does not actually think like this. I feel so grateful to my mom for teaching me this way of thinking. I recently shared your videos with her and she loves them too. I have used law of attraction for many things throughout my life of 23 years.

Recently I attracted a loving relationship with law of attraction also. When I was 6 years old, my labrador Jordan became sick. The doctor said it did not look good. 6 year old me was devastated! All I wanted was my best friend in the world Jordan to be healthy again. So I tried to not lose all hope and imagined that he had become good and he was playing with me again. And it happened! Slowly Jordan’s condition improved and he lived with us for another 5 years after that. This was my first real experience with law of attraction. This was the experience which made “imagining as if it has already happened” one of my major life habits.

Another time when I used law of attraction for something major was when I was trying for engineering colleges. I wanted to get into a good Government college and had one specific college in mind which was like my dream college to study in. I applied law of attraction for this and also kept studying with discipline. Just before the entrance examination, there came this announcement on the website that the number of seats were almost doubling! Number of seats means the number of students that the college will be taking in with that admission process. So the number of seats had doubled. And ultimately I got in the college. Had the number of seats not increased I would not have been able to get admission in my college at the rank that I had got. And then she continues: Last year when I was in 3rd year of engineering I had a major crush on a senior of mine.

I had in fact had a crush on him since a long time but now that he was in the final year I got anxious that soon he will be gone from the college and chances of my getting together with him will be close to none. So I decided to seriously apply law of attraction for this intention. I have become sort of an expert at visualisation by now so when I was free I visualised that we had started talking and were becoming close and then finally that we were in a relationship. Soon we started aligning together. We had some shared classes with the senior batch and he and I had one class common. I was so happy when I saw him on the first day of the class. I knew that it was happening. One day one of my friends randomly started talking to me about him.

I was like “wait, do you know him?” And she said he is a friend of one of her friends. Then she sort of teased me about him, and said that she will introduce me to him. When I was introduced to him, he said he always knew me, we just never came around to talking. After that we hung out a few times at the college canteen. Then one day he asked me if I would like to go watch a movie with him, just the two of us. He was adorably awkward when he asked me! I fell in love with him in that moment once again! I said yes.

And that evening he told me that he likes me and if I’d like to be together. So he asked her out. I told him that I liked him too, and that was that! It happened so beautifully the law of attraction is just great! There are so many more experiences that I have been through with law of attraction. Hope you will share this story with your subscribers I will send more success stories soon. Keep it up with your channel.

Shweta. Wow, thank you so much Shweta, that’s such an amazing success story, and one thing that this story really reminds me is that when we start out with an intention, when we start applying the law of attraction for a particular intention, sometimes we think that it’ll just happen one day we’ll wake up and it would have happened. Many times it doesn’t actually work like that. But you have written one line and I just love that line that “slowly we started aligning”, you know. What that means is that slowly the situation starts becoming more and more favourable for the intention to actually manifest. In this case your intention was to attract that specific person and because you were applying the law of attraction for that you had one class in common, then you had one friend in common, that friend herself offered to introduce you to him, and everything just worked out. So it’s not that one day out of the blue it’ll happen it’s just that there will be a series of events and you being introduced to that person that you are trying to attract, that introduction will suddenly become effortless.

It’ll just happen out of the blue. And then there will be more and more opportunities where you can interact. So these opportunities, these people who will help you in further aligning with your intention all of this will happen. And when this happens we have to really recognise that okay this is what is happening, like Shweta was so sure that okay it’s happening. She knew it right from the first moment. When it happens we have to be really excited, really in a feeling of joy, that yes it is working and then that motivation, that feeling of joy, will bring it even faster. And so that is in fact the creative process, that when we apply the law of attraction for something, situation starts changing, people start coming into our life, that will take us to our intention.

And so when we intuitively, when we listen to our heart, and we intuitively follow all of these signals that are there, we ultimately reach our intention. And you know may be I am making this sound a little complicated, that okay now I have to identify the signal, I have to do this and that. No no, it will all be very intuitive. It will just come from within you and when it comes from within you just recognise it and act on it. That’s all that you have to do. And so in the end don’t forget about the giveaway. I’m so excited to talk to you guys. For your first entry, make sure you are subscribed to the channel, like this video, and post a comment down below.

And for an additional entry, to increase your chances of winning, if you are active on Instagram, also go and follow me out there. My Instagram ID will be somewhere on the screen right now. So thanks for watching. If you would like to receive notification every time I upload a new video, after subscribing also press the “bell” icon. I will see you very soon with a brand new video. Till then, bye…

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  1. Thanks Suyash!!Your teaching is guiding me and my 11 year old son so much so that we changed our outlook towards life and are trying really hard to come out of extremely tough life events.i would really like your guidance to combat many challenges that we are trying to fight back, all alone!! Well….with your videos we never felt alone.Every night it’s our rechual to watch your video before going to sleep and not get depressed but instead be more happy and positive for the next day!!!!Thanks,Varsha.

  2. wonderful Suyash….I do hv a success story of attracting my love of life through your teachings of Law of attraction … would send you that soon…..!!!

  3. To enter the GIVEAWAY: SUBSCRIBE to the channel, LIKE this video, and post a COMMENT. Super excited to talk to you guys! ~ Suyash.

  4. at 3 pm today I was searching a law of attraction stories on successful manifestation on relationship and at 10 pm I found your this video
    ….so law of attraction is working perfectly…I’m a huge fan of you suyash….lots of love to you and your work
    keep doing bro

  5. Beautiful LOA success story, here the few imp point I observed that She was applying the LOA at ease and as simple as our daily routine, simplicity was the key factor, also there was sufficient amount of practice as she told that she learnt it from her Mom, the other thing was her belief about her own ability that it would work 110% without slightest doubt….. Well done

  6. Hey Suyash amazing video.Its a topic that i wanted to hear about since some time now. I have had amazing successes with LOA like raking 1st in school;becoming a doctor and moving to UK.
    I have subscribed to your channel long back and I jump to your videos first thing on getting notified. Your work is wonderful! Recently i shared your videos with my mum,who is a very selective person as regards to who she likes to follow and she loved your content!! Keep up the great work.

  7. My favorite part of her story is when she realizes that everything is falling into place or “aligning”. I wish them love and happiness.

  8. I think this is a sign from the universe because I needed this, thank you! Would you have any more tips on attracting a specific person?

  9. I have also attracted my life patner
    With the law of attruction.
    Your chsnel helped me very much to apply I I A.
    Please let me know how I can talk with you in phone?

  10. after hearing your videos,i just can rarely get into a negatv zone now…fr me manifestation is becoming easier and easier day by day ,as you inspire me sooooooo much suyyash…..thnx a million

  11. I am about to manifest loving relationship with my desired girl and I’ll be in relationship with her very soon. Feeling grateful for that


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