Manifesting A Specific Person (Law Of Attraction)

Manifesting A Specific Person (Law Of Attraction)

Manifesting a specific person or your soulmate using Law of Attraction – Law of attraction is a powerful tool using which you can send signal to the universe whatever you want in your life and universe in return does deliver you wish. Using law of attraction you can attract any specific person or you can attract your soulmate. In this video I share the experience of my friend who applied law of attraction to get her soulmate.

If you’re new (or just getting started) appling the LoA in your life make sure you’ve got a good foundation. You can download the free audiobook and see the real world application on the Law of Attraction which will help you apply it to your own life.

To know about her experience and the specific technique she applied watch this video till the end.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel life cookies so in today’s video I am going to tell you about how to attract a specific person into your life when my friend had applied it and she got hundred person success results so what are we waiting for watch this video till the end and find out how you too can apply the same technique and get the results of your choice so let’s start do you think life gets beautiful when you have that one specific person into your life with whom you can share your joys and your sorrows with whom you can get angry on but then again with whom you get frustrated but you know with that person you can have immense amount of fun well life is beautiful that way but what if I tell you that you are able to attract that person into your life what if I tell you that you have the power to bring that person into your life the way you wish sounds a little unrealistic yes but it is possible this is the magic of law of attraction with law of attraction you are able to pull towards you the person whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend are so aware of friend anybody anything but you are able to bring that person into your life absolutely the way you wish to the way the characteristics that you want in him the nature she should have the kind of fun that you want to have with him anything and everything so guys watch this video to find out how you can use this technique and attract the person into your life and life does get beautiful when you have that person so I really hope and I wish that after we watching this video you two are able to pull that person into your life and create the magic that people do by attracting such person so in today’s video I’m going to share the story of my friend who had attracted the specific person she wanted to in her life so what she did was she was working and she was well settled and she was looking for a partner and because she was missing that and she thought she would apply the law of attraction technique and seek that person into her life and guess what it was a miracle and she exactly got that person now what is she room when she wrote in her journal all the exact criteria all the exact characteristics she wants in her soulmate now she she’s very tall and it was very difficult for her to get a person who you know taller than hell and she always wanted somebody who is taller than her not even of the same height so she had written in her journal exactly the cactus that she wants in her soulmate she’s just wrote I have a soulmate who is just a little taller than me but I’m so happy that he’s taller than me I have a soulmate who knows how to cook I have a soulmate who is a wonderful singer because she too is a singer and she wanted someone who is also involved in music so she had written down exactly the same characteristics that she wanted in her partner but the difference was instead of writing I want she wrote I have as I mentioned in my videos she believed that the person is already there for her so she wrote I have my soulmate who has been who has been space and every night and every morning twice just after she woke up and just before she was going off to sleep she read all the characteristics and trust me I had mentioned in my previous video about not getting obsessed she was not obsessed about this she never kept on repeating the whole day that I have this problem I have this partner I have this woman no she just read it twice and that was it and guess what just in a month yes guys 30 days just in the month she got that person into her life can you believe it that’s the miracle of Law of Attraction so I will tell you how did she do it so what you have to do if you want to attract the specific person the first thing is you have to be very clear about the kind of person you want do not just write he should be honest he should be loving he should be caring I mean yes they are those are important elements but include other specific things like how tall you want him to be whether you want him to be a good cook the kind of job he what you want me to do and this works just me don’t think this is unrealistic don’t think this is impossible it is possible so first of all take out your journal and drag down the exact characteristics that you want in your partner and jot it down and every night just before you go off to sleep and every morning just after you wake up read each one of these the second thing that you have to do is you have to believe that this person exists it is just that he hasn’t reached you yet if you have this feeling that oh my god I have recently characteristics but it is not possible more possible for me to get this person know if there is nobody like that I am just being you know over overly I’m thinking about this no that is what you are not supposed to do because what you think what is what becomes a reality so you have to believe that these are there in the person that you want in your life and thirdly most importantly you have to imagine the kind of things you would do with him like you go plan how would the dates be when you go out on dates with him the fun that you will have with him the kind of food that you guys will cook every single detail guys every single details be very specific be very clear about it because law of attraction pays importance to each and every minor details if you are not clear about it the law of attraction is a little confused it doesn’t know what to give you what not to give you so be very specific what you want and the universe will respond to your dreams and desires it will help you to attract the person that you want in your life so guys these are the most important things that you have to do if you want to attract the person into your life any person any person that you want in your life but guys it is very important to not get obsessed with it do not just keep on repeating that okay I don’t have this but I I have this guy with me I have this guy he’s there is there no do not repeat it the whole day as I had specifically and clearly explained in my previous video so in order to avoid this mistakes you can refer to my previous video where I have explained very clearly what is the meaning of being obsessed and this is the biggest blunder that people generally do in law of attraction so you have to be very optimistic and you have to believe that the person is already there do not bring this thought that the person is not there just have this thing that he is and do not what the one very important thing is do not tell yourself that okay there is nobody in my life but I am sure the kind of characteristics I’ve written the person will someday come to my life no you have to say that I know the person is already there in my life it is just that I haven’t met him yet he will come to me I will meet him soon this is what my friend had done when she was practicing and just when one month she got a life partner and she is happily married and setting now so guys this is not just for marriage this is to attract any kind of person you want in your life so this is the whole video about attracting a specific kind of person into your life apply these techniques and I assure you you will definitely get the results it is my friends example who and whom I have given but there are a lot of cases where people have used the law of attraction technique and they have definitely got their life partners so guys I hope you like this video if you like this video then please click the like button and tap the Bell icon to be notified about my upcoming videos you please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so that you get to know the videos that I generally put up my videos generally revolve around law of attraction motivation and anything that will empower you that will help you to be positive in life happy in life and live your life to the fullest you can also connect with me on my Twitter as well as Facebook page the links of those are given below you can also write your comments below and you can connect to me that’s all for this see you till next time bye you..

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  1. Just one question mam, can we visualize this too or writing a journal is necessary ? Just curious y’know because I’m more comfortable with visualization.

  2. Did you apply law of attraction to attract your love or soulmate into your life? What is your view about this technique? Please comment here..


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