Pisces Tarot – Law Of Attraction – February 2019 (Series I)

Pisces Tarot – Law Of Attraction – February 2019 (Series I)

PISCES Tarot – Law of attraction – February 2019 Series I

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hi guys and welcome to my channel my name is Micaela and today guys I will do a general reading for Pisces Sun Moon and rising for the first week of February 2019 so Pisces before we begin I want to pull a couple of oracle cards and then we proceed with the traditional month so let’s see so guardian angels and spirits in Christ please allow us to receive you know the energy is coming towards or against Pisces in the first week of February so that we make Pisces aware and awakened to the energy okay so I’m gonna pull one card I know I usually do the bottom of the deck but this time I feel like pulling one card for you and you have attraction you attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully so probably you have your eyes on somebody where somebody has an eye on you it is about being at the present moment right for the more serious stuff it is kind of a guidance to enjoy whatever you have going on right now to make yourself attractive I don’t know can be that too but the message is really about being happy and enjoying the present moment so let’s see what else is there for you you have the 10 of ones you have the ton of ones so probably it’s about work that is a message in it for you and I I’m gonna tell you so it is you’re working too hard the angels are asking you to find a healthy balance between your career and your personal life be willing to ask for help from others in order to lighten your load so that you can take better care of yourself straining to make others happy can be harmful to your health so maybe you are taking care of too many people at this time you have too much responsibilities maybe you have a couple of jobs you know and you need to have only one but the best one right and it is about asking for help so let’s he is the last oracle card and then we go thoughts create your reality so you’ll have to watch your thinking this week pisces first week of february you’ll have to be enjoy the moment be optimistic and put down the burdens that’s the overall advice here for you you are taking too much okay so let let’s see with the traditional girl what’s coming your way okay one more and good now let’s cut the cards and see the bottom of the deck for the overall energy and you have the king of swords so it is about the law maybe this week it’s about doing what’s right might be something about the Gemini Libra Aquarius the king that you might have to let go who knows or you have to let go of the pessimistic thoughts about it and allow this person space depending on your energy and how you feel about it you know but can be about cutting the out the known nonsense also because you have right thoughts create your reality so maybe you are a little bit in a low vibration and you think that it is not possible that it is not yours you don’t deserve it or god knows what other thoughts you have and you need to cut them out and a focus on the whatever is essential right the main the main focus so let’s see how the reading unfolds and we’ll have more information so here you stand like a king king of cups nine of Pentacles Hierophant nine of Wands queen of Pentacles I don’t feel that six of swords is here honestly this is um right here it is all about money it’s all about business making money saving money keeping money investing money again giving away money it’s all in here because we do have the Hierophant which is about institutions organizations the law the government aids religion whatever it’s not in HIV but in aids in financial support and we have nine of Pentacles we have you autonomous we have you focusing on money focusing on abundance on health and the queen of Pentacles she’s nurturing she’s beautiful but she most of all she’s providing she’s grounded and she is providing from for the house and the home and then we have the nine of Wands I feel that this week passes your main focus will be on preserving whatever you created with your own hands this is the energy I’m getting from the cards and if you have to involve government and whoever can help you I believe you’ll do king of swords is also a lawyer a judge law enforcement police and so on and so forth and the Hierophant is institutions organizations and nine of ones I believe that you are about to yes it can be protection if you are about to lose it so far I don’t see that you’re about to lose your fortune your money your job you’re on the contrary you are building but it’s like you you you put a wall of security let’s say around it or maybe you invest in development strategies and that is why you need advice for am a lawyer a judge institutions organizations and my god you are abandoned this week Pisces and you stay strong emotionally balanced and you couldn’t care less about people I believe you care more about work and that is why the universe is telling you you know what you work too hard but I believe that’s what you want to do right now I believe that you are kind of in a law of attraction mode where you give up put a lot of energy and manifestation into something and you see result spices we have the results here nine of Pentacles queen of Pentacles is all about results okay and money empress of course it’s about growth empress page of sorts for of swords knight of swords and rivers and the devil in rivers i love this so somebody or maybe it’s you right it’s a general reading but there is something about no communication that happen at some point either you are dealing with a fire sign Aries Leo such studies you have the Empress for me as a Leo at some point you had a connection with somebody and I don’t feel that it’s love that was love there there is no kind of love here maybe the Empress if we extend them the meaning of it I see nurturing I see you know at some point a possibility to grow I see somebody abundant somebody maybe more mature than you somebody in a position of giving and I see the passion with the page of one’s but at some point there was a cut off of the connection and that was a no communication well first week of February is about communication we have the page of sorts so maybe it will start with hello and how are you like easy conversation after a period of no talking and a breakup and another period of no talking with the page of ones so there is a chance of of discussing something or maybe you know exchanging over social media you know a couple of you know lines in a chat or whatever but it’s that’s about it we do have the Empress in Reverse so whatever you feel you want to do about this it’s not gonna grow it’s not for you and it’s not something the universe is reminding you that you work hard you worked hard in the past to overcome energies of toxicity with this person can also be a Caprican I don’t think it is but it can be because we also have the queen of Pentacles but I feel that that is maybe a little bit of temptation to go back maybe to stalk somebody maybe start somebody is talking you but I feel more honestly I’m more guided to say that that is kind of an attempt to talk to somebody from the past that you didn’t have communication with probably one communication with maybe at some point it was some drama connected to this person and you want to solve a couple of issues here lots of swords which means communication and a mental energies we we want to deal with things we want to say things we wanna settle things with the head not with a heart but it’s leading nowhere pie says if you feel that kind if you’re if you feel tempted to speak your mind to somebody or eventually giving and reply back to this person or whatever it is a person that at some point one thing wanted nothing with you and then they come in and they want to talk to you the universe is sending you the Empress there is no growth focusing on this this energy is beautiful of money abundance emotional balance yeah your thoughts right that’s the law of attraction you know thoughts create your reality so you know focusing on abundance well that’s the way to go focusing on healing that’s the way to go the more we think about it positive stuff it is coming our way by the law of attraction and you have attraction so I believe you are really right now into releasing negative thoughts you know healing your aura cleaning your aura healing you know whatever low vibes you had in the past and focusing well if you’re if you wanna manifest abundance so be it is coming your way but this one is going nowhere if you feel tempted to okay the universe is saying is not me I just studied the cards over here so let’s see the end of the week you have the tower seven of Pentacles the Hermit eight of Pentacles and the king of Wands and the magician you have also your card Pisces cancer the moon in rivers okay okay so Pisces I believe this fire sign wants back this fire sign manifests a new connection with you I believe they’re a trickster and they want to come back and the first of February they have you upside down and in an illusion of course the universe is sending you the tower which is red flags right and it’s also the universe is sending you the Hermit be wise here really be wise about it eight of Pentacles in rivers don’t put in the effort you do I mean doesn’t worth it there is no growth you know if you are bonded bounded to this person and you want this person and you feel attracted and you love this person whoever this person is can be a Gemini Libra Aquarius can be a fire sign Aries Leo such that is the energy are saying better be alone than in bad company you know the Hermit card and in action is the best course of action no effort not wasting your energies on somebody that doesn’t deserve anything from you and then we have seven of cups they are selling you a dream okay Pisces in the cups you have the tower this is not your destiny this is not something that you will grow from this is not something that leads you somewhere and we have you upside down now the magician and I know in Reverse he’s a trickster and his manipulating people in his own interest but the magician nonetheless is somebody who is tricking people right and we have king of Wands and then we have the magician so make sure nobody is tricking you this week because that is it’s leading nowhere I know you are overcoming this love that you have for this person probably you’ll love them a lot but you know the universe is saying you know he or she is away king of Wands and that is a level of false falseness right the magician I mean yeah he makes changes but you know he makes us believe right and you have two cards of doing nothing being wise about it and no action and no effort in this one we do have the overall energy of releasing and cutting out something that is not good for us and being burdened okay and we do have energies of releasing thoughts create your reality the more you talk about and you stay connected to this person that you know takes you nowhere the more you stay in this energy right the devil energy the energy of toxicity and for dependency and you know being obsessed by somebody but the the energy is in Reverse so I believe we are on the on the right track we just have to keep moving and again better alone get in bad company and focusing on money this is such a beautiful energy in a sense that if you have dreams well now it’s the time to work on it you know if now it’s your time to attract and if it’s about abundance attracting abundance well so be it but if you have you know the calling of the flesh I said if you have this you know desire to get into contact with this person and and you don’t know what to do and you don’t know how to disconnect and you don’t know the universe is sending you tons of cards today the tower right if you give another chance for this person it’s like the tower all over again because the tower is about taking away something it’s completely useless for you so that you build on solid ground with somebody that is of great importance in your life journey so it’s going to be all over again an illusion going nowhere no growth in this one toxic drama night of 1/9 of sir Knight of swords drama so why of course they are beautiful like a magician look at this they have this knowledge that is yellow is about awakening and information and knowledge and in width right in awakening and I’m sure they are charming like crazy places I’m sure they’re but the universe this time around is saying no don’t lose your time do not lose your time on this one they are a trickster but the main energies is manifesting abundance so I’m sure you know about all this that is why the universe is giving our overall the overall energy the law of attraction you know because this is what you are divinely guided to do to attract abundance and attract the disconnection from somebody who gave you at our moment also the message is clear there are no other messages here places for you law of attraction and disconnecting from a trickster no messages no communication send yourself a letter if you wanna if you feel like talking to them you know just put in paper whatever you want to tell them and send it to the post office and send it to you you know or never send it usually in therapy we don’t send it away you know we tell patients to not send it to to the other person but just the fact of writing you know it’s like the ideas come out of your of your hand and you focus less it’s like you know a burden comes off because you put in words whatever was turning and turning and turning in your head you know so that is that and healing pices please do if you are you know kind of with a fire sign please do here please do the work please do the work they are attractive they are mature king of ones they stand they stand tall they look like you know passion driven and I’m sure they appeal to you but there is some healing I mean it’s my I believe it’s been a couple of readings now that we know this fire sign in and out and us trying to figure out right how to deal with this so but the universe is clear today law of attraction okay so Pisces I love you please let me know what you think guys of course don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and come see me next time bye..

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  1. But the Universe guided me to the Leo. Is she a trickster and there are red flags that’s why there hasn’t been any communications? If so why would the Universe guide me to her back in September, she is my divine connection, she only needs to figure that out and over her heart. This has been a very slow process. Lol


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