Proof That The Law Of Attraction Works Within 48 Hours

Proof That The Law Of Attraction Works Within 48 Hours

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there’s actually a way that you can experiment with the law of attraction to in order to prove that it works there’s a book by an author named Pat grout called a squared and there’s nine different experiments that you can actually try just to prove that the law of attraction does work and I want to actually say a quote from a certain person in a movie called what the big do we know by dr. Joseph Dispensa because he summed it all up all the nine different experiments that Pam grout talks about in her book e squared he sums it up in a certain quote so I’m going to later on saying this quote so which would be the actual experiment that you can try yourself to prove that a law of attraction does work but before I talk about the actual experiment um you just need to understand something called the field of potentiality which is the invisible energy force that creates physical reality and we are all connected to it so our thought creates a sort of ripple effect this wave that goes throughout the entire universe the universe is filled with this invisible energy that’s either a particle or a wave and it conforms to our beliefs our expectations our observations and it collapses into physical reality well if physicists call it the collapse of the wave however in order for us to create what we want to create in our life to make a different collapse of the wave if you will you need to focus on what you want to see and not just on what you actually see in the physical reality and Pam brown says that in order to do that you need to stop being so powerfully attached to conventional reality and she said in order to do that you need to understand that there and in any given second there’s 400 billion bits of information that the brain has a process and that’s too much to process in one second so the brain narrows it down to 2,000 bits of information per second which means that there’s only one half of one millionth of a what’s out there so just knowing that makes you realize what you see in the physical world is nothing compared to what’s really out there of all the infinite possibilities out there so it’s up to us to keep our nose in the right direction of our dreams and we do that by focusing on what we want to see so the experiment is this in order to you can apply any kind of law of attraction technique you basically have to get down to that state that feeling of already having what you want and feeling the joy of already having it so once you do that this is the experiment you sort of speak to the universe you say this and now this is the quote from dr. Joseph dispenser from the movie what to bleep do we know show me a sign today that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created meaning what he wants to create in his life his desires and bring them in a way that I won’t expect so on a surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things and make it so that I have no doubt that it has come from you Pam growl and all of her nine experiments is sort of similar to that it’s asking the universe within 48 hours to give you a clear sort of neon sign if you will at such a clear sign that you know that was not a coincidence and you’re borderline creeped out by it and the reason why I say that is because I actually applied this technique myself after I read her book less than 48 hours I got I think three different signs and I can tell you specifics but I’ll have to tell you a whole long backstory and I’ll bore you with the details but basically it really does seem like a crazy coincidence but I know it wasn’t and when you do get that neon sign that clear sign from the universe within 48 hours it just solidifies your belief even more inspires you to take even more action and it broadens your belief system and reaffirms that there is more possibilities out there for you so that’s it’s set simple you simply have to just ask the universe to give you clear sign within 48 hours a sign that what you want to create in your life is already created it’s on its way thank you for watching please like please share if you subscribe thank you..

If you’re new (or just getting started) appling the LoA in your life make sure you’ve got a good foundation. You can download the free audiobook and see the real world application on the Law of Attraction which will help you apply it to your own life.

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  1. One day I wish to see a Lexus LX570, then about 3 hours later, I was stucked in a traffic jam, which btw, the car on my left, on my right & in front of me is Lexus LX570. When I realized, I was so surprised & laugh out loud.

  2. That’s crazy tho. I’m amazed. So I was supposed to move to Tennessee from Kentucky on August 7th. It was July 26 when I watched this video. I said “okay, give me a miracle within the next 48 hours. My brother called the next day and said “hey are you ready to move down here today?”

    And I moved on July 27th.

    Biggest move of my life. I’m 18 and never lived anywhere other than my moms house. So definitely a miracle.

  3. years ago I asked God for clear signs and I got exactly what I asked for! It sent goosebumps up my spine, it was so detailed! I know He is there and hears our prayers:)

  4. Well, I tested it when I was turned down for a job. I said lets see if it works, so I said I want that job, thought and talked about it night and day, and they called me back, saying they had a new development and I got it…LOA is free so why not try it.

  5. if you really want to understand deeply what the law of attraction is, you should watch the ” The Secret” (2006 full movie) and after you watch, be thankful because you’re the one who blessed to know The Secret.

  6. Holy shit this works…. after watching this video I asked for the universe to give me a sign my requests are manifesting and I said “my mom will bring me a sausage roll” from this random donut shop and I wake up the next morning and she happened to get me one!!!

  7. Quote:

    “Show me a sign today that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created, and bring in them in a way that I won’t expect, so I am surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things and make it so that I have no doubt that it has come from you”


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