Test Law Of Attraction With Gratitude Experiment (Shocking Demonstration)

Test Law Of Attraction With Gratitude Experiment (Shocking Demonstration)

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Okay, everyone, this is something I have never done before. In this video, I will be doing a Law of Attraction and gratitude experiment. This is gonna be a demonstration right in front of your eyes and I have not seen the result of this demonstration before, so I’ll be watching this along with you and we will be testing if Law of Attraction really works, and also we’ll be testing if the quality of your thoughts really has an effect on the manifestation, and I’m gonna use the power of water to achieve this, so stay with me: Welcome back to Choosing Gratitude. My name is Karin and I’m your co creator today. If you’re new here, please consider subscribing.

If you’re new (or just getting started) appling the LoA in your life make sure you’ve got a good foundation. You can download the free audiobook and see the real world application on the Law of Attraction which will help you apply it to your own life.

This is a channel that’s all about helping you master your life by applying simple and practical gratitude techniques. Okay, let’s talk about what I want to do today. The idea of this comes from a very old video clip, on the Oprah Show, in this video, Dr. Deepak Chopra asked Oprah to hold a little chain like this, like a pendulum. She was able to direct how this pendulum could move just by thinking about it. I found it fascinating, so I tried it myself, and yes, I was able to do that too, and then I thought, why don’t I run a test? If I’m just thinking about this neutrally, I can move this, but what if I put this object in an environment of negative energy and think of this thought? Then I have cleared energy and then put it in a positive environment filled with gratitude, and I wanna see if the quality of my thoughts will be different, okay? So that’s the idea of this experiment. Again, I have never done this before.

My idea is I’m gonna take two cups of water, I just got the water from my refrigerator, filtered water, and what I’m gonna do is I have these labels, the first one says “thank you” and the second one then says “I hate you,” so I’m going to label these two cups. This one I’m gonna put “thank you” on it, and on the second one I will put “I hate you” on it. You know, guys, words have power, so the minute I put these words on the cups, they start to affect the quality of the water, and this has been proven. You can check out the work of Masaru Imoto. He wrote a beautiful book called Messages in Water, and that proves how water can absorb the energy. When you put a label on a cup of water, the quality of the water actually changes. Okay, in a moment, I will be pausing this recording for about ten minutes.

What I’m gonna do is I’ll pick this cup that says “I hate you,” and I’m gonna put my object, my pendulum, into this cup, and I will be holding this for a few seconds, maybe a minute, just to think of all my hateful and resentful thoughts. We’ll have it sit for about ten minutes. All right, welcome back. Now it’s been ten minutes and I think our chain is now soaked with energy of hatred and resentment, and I have also put some negative energy into this cup. Now I’m gonna take it out and I’m gonna try to let my thoughts affect the movement of this chain. Let’s see if it works, okay? First, just have it stand still.

My intention will be for it to move left and right. Okay, let’s see, let’s see if it works. It’s not moving. It’s definitely not moving like what Oprah was doing with Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Now it’s kind of drawing a circle. I don’t know if you can see. It’s really not moving left and right, it’s drawing a circle and it’s moving really fast, and I don’t know what is moving this. My hand is not moving.

It’s drawing a circle. Wow. Okay, very interesting. Now I’m going to pause this video for another ten minutes and I’m gonna clear this, just mentally clear this, and I’m gonna put my object in the cup of gratitude. It says “thank you.” So I will be holding this cup and sending energy to the water and my object, so I’ll see you in ten minutes.

All right, I’m back. Now I have this “thank you” cup and let me take this pendulum out, and again, this time my intention is to have it move left and right. I’m gonna hold it. Let’s see. Look at that. It’s moving right away, left and right, left and right, left and right. See that, guys? And I keep thinking thank you, thank you for moving for me.

Oh, my God, I can’t believe this. So what do you think? Put in the comment below what you think. You can try to do this yourself and let me know how it goes for you. What I realized through this experiment is that yes, our thoughts have power, however, the object, the outcome we’re trying to affect, if we put it in a grateful environment first, our thoughts become much more powerful in changing the outcome, in affecting the manifestation, right? So in that sense, think about it, if you can fill your home with gratitude, then everything you want to achieve in your space, in your home will be much easier, and if you want to be successful at work, when you go into your work space, you fill that space with the thoughts of gratitude, and it’s really not that hard. Spend ten minutes before you do anything, when you walk into your office, you start visualizing that the air is filled with gratitude, sending out thoughts of gratitude, love, appreciation, and see what changes for you.

I really want to use this to tell you that you are so powerful. You are so powerful that you can choose to be powerless. If you feel that you have no manifestation power, that is your mind making you feel powerless, your mind trying to make you create a powerless life. Just think about that. All right, thank you so much for watching and I wanna thank all my subscribers for supporting this channel, and if you’re new here I hope you consider subscribing and please give this video a thumb up, and I will see you in the next video. ..

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  1. Indians are using this technique from centuries: carving stones by mantras and used these stone for manufacturing home, temples and lakes walls

  2. As a kid I used to take my mum’s gold chain and locket from her neck and tell the chain to move in circles if yes and in a straight line if no. Little did I know that I was asking the universe for answers and universe was talking back to a child.
    New sub here.

  3. I did the rice experiment for approx a year! The results were ~incredible!~

    After a year the “hate rice” had turned disgusting and moldy, where as the “love rice” had fermented but did not mold!

    I posted them on Facebook. It was about 3 years back. I’d love for You to view it!

    I bless/charge My water/beverages (food) by setting them on coasters I made with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s pics of water crystals ( love, gratitude etc.), by My intention also

    If You’d like to check it out on Facebook, type in “rice experiment”.
    I started posting about it around November 3rd 2015

  4. Jus now i tried it…but i didnt put the stickers.. i was keep saying which i love which i hate…really amazed to see…our emotions r such powerful ..still i didnt come out of how my chain moved

  5. Why don’t you upload a new Video doing the exact same thing but WITHOUT Holding it in your Hands? Even if you Don’t mean to move it consciously, still the tiniest movements will lead to movement of the chain. Just hang it up on a hook and let’s if that works as well (for me: it didn’t work). That Would be kind of honest, i think, to Show to your subscribers. Or take the chain without knowing which glass it was in before – that would wipe away the doubts as well.
    Thumbs up for another Video with this Experiment!

  6. every human being must still sometimes think negatively about something negative that we think will also happen even though we hope it doesn’t happen. And if the 555 method can change my apperance because i really really need my apperance better

  7. The Gratitude is so powerful that the lights flickered. The pendulum not moving symbolizes that negativity (ungrateful)keeps you immobile. Therefore, when you’re surrounded by gratitude the pendulum moved and the lights flickered


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