The Law Of Attraction – How To Find Love | Dr. D Ivan Young

The Law Of Attraction – How To Find Love | Dr. D Ivan Young

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hi this is dr. dear Vanya the fact that you’re listening to me the fact that you’re watching this is proof that when you cried out to God he read you because if you use somebody like me to talk to you there’s no story you don’t tell me I haven’t failed cuz I know what it’s like it’s our fruit to the point on to feel pain so watch this video I promise you your life will never be the same hi this is dr. D Vanya one of the subjects that people ask me about more than any other is the laws of attraction and specifically people want to ask me well doc how do I attract a mate how do I try to love in my life you know I have God sniggle did that for a little bit because the first thing is you don’t you don’t attract to me you don’t attract love in your life what you do is you resonated such a level in your own behavior and your own countenance that you become attractive to people by what you represent when you’re present there’s a lot of stuff out there about the laws of attraction and before I became an expert about that you know I read what you read I read that if you just sit back and visualize it and I read that if you just make a vision board and I read that if you just feel your way into it let me tell you something you’re confusing content with context see the content is the facts but the greater truth is what you need to resonate in especially in is there so so what’s some first steps you say we’ll talk okay you’re confusing you’re saying something that almost contradicts each other but it doesn’t here’s step one love is a condition it is not a feeling it is a condition in his please God so loved the world you’ve heard that before that He gave His only begotten Son what does that mean the condition was God put his son in a position to stimulate to serve as a source of revelation and to be a catalyst for his relationship with humanity and the same is true for you you have to put yourself in a position to bear revelation to be a catalyst and be a source of inspiration to not just the object of your desire but to that which you are now what does that mean when you really have love of self and I know some of y’all are crazy as of being a beer bottle because you love yourself in a narcissistic almost self deprecating way I’m not talking about that craziness what I’m saying is this how are you living your life do you have something that you’re so passionate about that you get up in the morning excited about pursuing how do you take care of yourself change doesn’t come until you get fed up enough with your current condition and see God will leave you all alone to force you to pay attention to things you otherwise wouldn’t even take into consideration and now it’s that time..

If you’re new (or just getting started) appling the LoA in your life make sure you’ve got a good foundation. You can download the free audiobook and see the real world application on the Law of Attraction which will help you apply it to your own life.

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